Cinnamon Toast Crunch- Virtual Blog Launch

WE DID IT!!! Based off of my smile and Khristian’s wide eyed smile, can you tell we had a successful launch?!?! We ate Edy’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream while someone else chatted along with us eating Breyer’s Thin Mint ice cream. In the most informal way Khristian and I shared with the mothers and daughters about our blog, our baby “Sundae Sunday”. I shared with the mothers the importance of setting aside intentional time for our girls. You will always hear me say that mother and daughter relationships are very complex. One minute she’s your little bestie and the next minute you are giving her the biggest side eye because she reminds you so much of you…or she’s riding on your last reserve nerve. Those side eye moments will be the moments that sticks out the most if we don’t balance them out with “special” moments. “Sundae Sundays” are our “special” moments. “Sundae Sundays” allow our girls to hold us accountable to ensure that we dedicate time to them without any distractions. Khristian shared that she loves “Sundae Sundays” because she gets to spend time with me. As the oldest of 3 and the only girl “Sundae Sundays” are something that she looks forward to every single week. Its her time to have me all to herself. The mothers stated that many of them have already started to carve out time for their daughters during the week. That made me so HAPPY to hear!!! One mother & daughter calls them their “date night”. Another mama asked for talking prompts!!! Yes mama, I got you girl!! A talking prompts page will be added to the blog this week!!

Last but not least, I have to make sure that my mamas are taking care of themselves. I have to ensure that my “Chocolate Lifestyle” page is highlighting all mothers putting themselves first. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, when was the last time I did something for myself? Was it before we sheltered in place?? Was it last month? Was it last year? We have to stop putting ourselves last because our girls are watching us. They are watching how we treat ourselves amongst everyone else. Last Friday, I went to the hair salon and seriously I left out of the hair salon feeling like a brand new woman. My confidence level was on a thousand…LOL. After working and homeschooling for the last 3 months, I owed myself that hairdo and more….and you do too mama!! Promise me and yourself that you are going to do something for yourself this week. Not the week after, but THIS week!! I confirmed with the mothers at the launch that we owe it to ourselves and our families to adjust our oxygen masks first. Meaning in the midst of being a wife, a mother, and everything else we must take care of ourselves first. Periodt!! Type “Promise” in the comment box if you promise to do something for yourself this week. I am going to follow up with you directly and ask what you did for yourself. We all can use a little accountability.

Thank you all for attending the virtual blog launch for “Sundae Sunday”!! Best wishes to you all as you embark on new memories with your daughters.

What is “Sundae Sunday”?

“Sundae Sunday” has become a tradition in our home. It has become a Sunday ritual for Khristian and I to sit at the kitchen table every Sunday evening to discuss current events, school, friends, changes in her body, religion, and any other topic that her 8 year old brain can fathom and handle. We try different ice creams every Sunday while we chat. So far our favorite has been the “Edy’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. That ice cream is EVERYTHING!! It has specks of the cereal loaded and tossed into the ice cream…cue Justin Beiber’s song “Yummy”!!

In between our Sundae Sundays we are communicating and strengthening our bond throughout the week but on Sundays its just us, Khristian and mommy…no boys (HJ, Kai, and Daddy). It’s just us talking about girl stuff and indulging in some guilt free sweetness.