Sundae Sunday’s Favorite Products For The Growing Girl!!

As I conclude this blog series regarding our growing girls and the changes in their body, I will be remised if I did not share some of my favorite things while on this journey through puberty and such. These are a few of our favorite things that have proven to be a healthy benefit for my daughter, my growing girl.

  1. Luxe Fragrance Bar- 100% Shea Butter Soufflé This 100% shea butter is perfect for ALL SKIN TYPES. This product helps to keep Khristian’s skin hydrated and moisturized especially during the winter months. I begin using this product on my son when he was experiencing dry skin on his legs and back. It is very airy and light. This product is highly recommended for people with Eczema. This has become a Mitchell family favorite!! Check out the website at!! Use the code “sundae” for 10% off your purchase!!!

2. Lizzie’s All Natural Products-All Natural Deodorant This deodorant is baking soda free, aluminum free, paraben free and non toxic. I purchased the Lemongrass-Bergamot scented deodorant for Khristian and I. It smells so good and citrusy!! It comes in Lavender as well. Moms and daughters can both use this deodorant to smell and feel fresh all day!! Check out the website at Use the coupon code “sundaesunday” to receive 10% off your total purchase!!

3. Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar I know that Dove has caught a lot of bad publicity over the years in regards to their marketing and lack of diversity. Yet, I am the first to say that Dove works very well for my daughter and I. Dove is a product that is suitable for daily use on her face and body. The Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar is hypoallergenic and does not dry out her skin. Dove products can be purchased at any big box retailer.

4. The Honey Pot Feminine Wash- Moms, I am recommending this product for us!! Thank Me Later!! The Honey Pot Feminine Wash is a product that I love, love, LOVE!! This vaginal wash formula is 100% all natural and is made with all herbal ingredients. This amazing product can be purchased at Target!!

These are some of my favorite products for my growing girl Khristian. I also threw in one for my moms too….I can’t forget about us!! If you have any products that have worked for your growing girl or products that you are currently using. Please share!!