Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough-“The Talk”

Tonight we had the “the talk”. Not the boyfriend-girlfriend talk (not yet, thank God), but the talk about what we are experiencing in America right now. The civil unrest between white people and black people. The fear of being a black woman in America. Is her daddy safe when he goes out of the house. Answering the hard questions such as, are all police bad? Or are all white people bad? At the sweet innocent age of 8 years old these are questions and fears that I had to address with my daughter during this week’s Sundae Sunday…all while eating Edy’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Yall, ice cream is a great distraction because while you are trying to find the right answer you can just look down in your bowl..LOL

The first question that I knew I had to address with Khristian tonight was, are all police bad. I tackled this question first because I wanted her to understand that if there’s an emergency I NEED for her to call the police. I don’t need her worried or scared that they are going to hurt her or harm someone she loves if she calls them. I explained to Khristian that police officers are sworn to protect and serve her and her community. She should always feel safe and protected when she sees a police officer or if she has to call the police for any reason. I needed Khristian to understand that as a child, police officers are authority figures and we must respect authority figures. We must obey their commands and look them straight in the eyes when we communicate with them. I also advised her that police officers are community helpers. Police officers enforce the law and they also help children and adults who are in trouble. I wanted to drive home to her how important police officers are to our community and why we need them….but on the other hand there are some really bad ones out there. The bad police officers are those who abuse their authority and power.

You know, I could of went in further detail with her about the bad police officers and how black and brown people are treated unfairly by those who abuse their power. But at her age I want her to be able to trust the police. I want her to feel safe calling them or just walking by them and not fearing for her life. In due time we will be able to discuss the bad ones. Right now, I am choosing to teach her how to respect authority and obeying the law.

Raising brown and black children during these times can be so exhausting, wouldn’t you agree? How are you dealing with having “the talk” with your children?

Nevertheless, this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream is good and every time I bite into one of those cookie dough pieces I sense a peace of calmness in my spirit. I believe that our country will be alright after while. Khristian said she don’t like the cookie dough pieces but she likes the ice cream..