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Welcome to Sundae Sunday Blog!!

“The Blog Where We Listen to Our Girls and Eat Ice Cream.

About Us

Alexia & Khristian are the mother-daughter duo behind the “Sundae Sunday” blog. They love having one on one candid conversations on Sundays over a delectable ice cream sundae.

Sundae Sunday Recipes

Ice Cream Sundae recipes curated by Khristian & Alexia.

Chocolate Lifestyle

Chocolate Lifestyle is dedicating to capturing mind, body, and style of chocolate mothers and their chocolate daughters.

“I love “Sundae Sundays” because you get to talk about what’s going on in your life…and I get to eat ice cream with my mom”.

Khristian M.

“Sundae Sundays” allows me the opportunity to listen to my daughter and hear things that she wouldn’t otherwise share without having the space to do so.

Alexia M.