The Sunday Scoop!! Building A Community of Dope Moms and Dope Daughters

For the first time, our brand and blog hosted our first virtual meet up the “Sunday Scoop”. Once a month our brand is dedicating Sundae Sundays to a community of mothers and daughters of color to gather with one another for strength, love, and support…and to eat ice cream!!

Our first “Sunday Scoop” was our time to discuss the good, bad, and the ugly as we navigate the waters of virtual learning. We listened to our girls tell us their thoughts about not being able to socialize with their peers; however, we heard their fondness of being home everyday. Many of the mothers stated that initially things started out rough, but have started to smooth out. As we aired our grievances about virtual learning, we collectively came to a consensus that currently this is the best option to keep our children safe and healthy.

The best part about the “Sunday Scoop” is when our community of mothers shared tactics that is currently working for them during this time. Mom, Jazmyn, a school guidance counselor, stated that having her daughter’s schedule nearby on her daughter’s desk has been a big help. Many of us shared that often times we feel scattered with the different times of logging into the various classes and scheduled breaks, etc. We agreed that having the school schedules printed and posted nearby would be helpful. Secondly, I mentioned that Khristian stated that she felt a little stressed with all of the changes. I wonder how can a 8 year old be stressed? But you know what, they can certainly be stressed because this is a different and stressful time for all of us. After listening to her explain to me why she felt stressed, I went to Dollar General and put her together a “Wind Down Bag”. The “Wind Down Bag” is utilized after school and after breaks. It is also a way to cut down on screen time during the school day. I shared with the mothers what the “Wind Down Bag” consisted of. The “Wind Down Bag” consists of a coloring book, an activity book, a stress ball, slime, markers, crayons, and putty.

The first “Sunday Scoop” was a huge success!!! I am excited about the community that will grow out of this. We are building a community of dope mothers raising dope daughters. The more support and community we have to be conscious and intentional about raising fearless and unapologetic girls, the better.

I once heard someone quote “the thing about parenting, we either repeat history unintentionally or redeem our story intentionally”.




7 thoughts on “The Sunday Scoop!! Building A Community of Dope Moms and Dope Daughters

  1. Patricia @ Grab a Plate says:

    How nice to form a community to talk and…eat ice cream! I don’t have kids at home, so I can only imagine how difficult this time has been for those who do. Stay strong (and healthy)!


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