I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing, did you? Or maybe you did!!! Apparently “National Ice Cream Day” became a national holiday due to President Reagan wanting to commemorate the sweet treat on the third Sunday of July…How sway, who knew?!?! I will say that any day to eat ice cream is a treat within itself.

Khristian and I celebrated the holiday by indulging in a pint of Ben and Jerry’s “Half Baked” ice cream. The “Half Baked” is a mixture of chocolate and vanilla ice cream with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownies. That ice cream was so good we didn’t even capture a picture. If you are on any kind of diet please disregard, ok.

After a long 7 days of being away Khristian returned home yesterday. She and her brother HJ went to Maryland to visit with their PaPa and Mrs. Katie. Oh, me on the other hand I enjoyed some rest and relaxation with my baby daddy, HA!!! Prior to Khristian leaving she and I had multiple conversations about how to care for herself while she was gone. Conversations such as making sure that she bathed correctly, to making sure she picked up her clothes off of the bathroom floor when she finished showering, to remembering to put deodorant on everyday. In my previous post, I shared that Khristian was in the beginning phase of puberty and how her body was starting to change. Therefore, the last thing I needed was for homegirl to forget to put on her deodorant on a 97 degree day.

Our last “Sundae Sunday” before she left consisted of a run through of what her morning and nightly routine would look like. We actually repeated the same routine morning and night for a week until the day she left. She and I went through the steps of washing and bathing (you HAVE to hit those hot spots ladies), putting on deodorant and lotion, and lastly putting on her clothes. I also reminded her to make sure she grabbed all of her personal items out of the bathroom after she was done. I know much of this sounds remedial but as a young girl at the tender age of 8, personal care and hygiene starts early. I don’t think as mothers we should take for granted that we will always be around for our children. The earlier we can teach them to become self sufficient and independent the better. We also can’t take for granted that they automatically know how to care for themselves and do these things. It takes training and patience to teach our daughters these things.

Tonight, I am so excited that she and I are back at the kitchen table for this week’s “Sundae Sunday”. We caught up on her week in Maryland and how much fun she had with her Papa and Mrs. Katie. As she was going on and on about her week, all I wanted to know was “Did you pick up your clothes off the bathroom floor”? She said “Of course I did because I wasn’t at my house”…all I could do was smile and beam with pride in the inside. that note.

On that note, good night!!



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