What is “Sundae Sunday”?

“Sundae Sunday” has become a tradition in our home. It has become a Sunday ritual for Khristian and I to sit at the kitchen table every Sunday evening to discuss current events, school, friends, changes in her body, religion, and any other topic that her 8 year old brain can fathom and handle. We try different ice creams every Sunday while we chat. So far our favorite has been the “Edy’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. That ice cream is EVERYTHING!! It has specks of the cereal loaded and tossed into the ice cream…cue Justin Beiber’s song “Yummy”!!

In between our Sundae Sundays we are communicating and strengthening our bond throughout the week but on Sundays its just us, Khristian and mommy…no boys (HJ, Kai, and Daddy). It’s just us talking about girl stuff and indulging in some guilt free sweetness.

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